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Women’s Ministry Leadership Training Conference - February 22-24, 2018

Women’s Ministry Leadership Training Conference

February 22-24, 2018

Sticky Ministry: Word-Based & Relationally-Driven Women’s Ministry
No doubt ministry can be sticky and difficult at times, but we are also going to consider how ministry that is deeply rooted in sound theology will adhere and stick to the lives of the women we serve as they live it out in the context of relationships.

Keynote Speakers: Kevin DeYoung, Susan Tyner, Paula Miles

Workshops: Choose from 18 different workshops plus affinity groups!

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Craving Grace- 2017 North Texas Presbytery Women's Ministry Fall Retreat

September 22-23, 2017 | Redeemer Presbyterian Church - McKinney

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The Purpose of the
Women's Ministry NTP

The purpose of the Women's Ministry NTP is that every woman know Christ personally and be committed to extending His Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world. The framework of the Women's Ministry NTP provides an opportunity for each woman to discern and exercise her gifts and abilities to the glory of God in the total work and worship of the church. The goal is that this purpose will become a reality as women are given opportunities to respond to the Gospel and to pray, study the Scriptures, fellowship and serve the Lord together. The Women In the Church ministry recognizes that all ministries and activities of the church are under the authority and guidance of the session.

A Text to Live By

For Zion's sake I will not rest and for Jerusalem's sake I will not keep silent, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. Isaiah 62:1

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